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Can you believe a one-week volunteering could have a huge impact on your personality and make you more open to building connections with people of different backgrounds? Karen Yung (left in the picture), a passionate young volunteer who participated at the 6th China International Import Expo said yes. Her volunteering experience showcased the vibrant global outlook we all need in the youth community. During her time volunteering at the Expo in Shanghai, Karen’s responsibilities included guiding visitors at the exhibition entrance, assisting with logistics and medical-related exhibits, and pinpointing specific brand locations. Coming from Hong Kong, where volunteering mostly caters to foreigners, she […]

體育盛事的義工之旅:包璇怡 Noran

To Noran Pau, her volunteering experience at the Asian Games not only exposed her to a bigger world of media and international athletes but also forged close friendships with fellow volunteers from mainland China.   I never expected to connect with people from different places. The 18 other volunteers and I became so close that we even created our own volunteer section logo to represent our unity, Noran shared.   As a dedicated volunteer from the HKFYG who recently joined the volunteer crew at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, Noran found fulfilment in working with other passionate volunteers towards a […]

青協生活學院《好學·生活》—— 盼望


From Passion to Purpose: Wendy Chan’s Inspiring Volunteer Adventure

From a middle school student volunteering to kill time to a first-year college student shouldering more responsibility in serving the community, Wendy Chan’s seven-year involvement in the HKFYG has deepened her understanding of the power of volunteerism.   Starting as a Youth Ambassador primarily based in Tuen Mun, Wendy’s passion for volunteering grew as she became a media volunteer and helped with event photography. However, her desire to make a broader impact led her to join the HKFYG’s Neighbourhood First volunteer team. Here, she focuses on assisting the elderly by providing essential winter items like quilts and warm clothing. One by one, Wendy […]

Made in HKFYG: Embracing the community spirit(Quinton)

Quinton (Ah Q) never expected that his everyday work and small actions could have such an impact on others. It reminds him of how he was helped and inspired by HKFYG social workers in the past. Starting from Form Three, Ah Q joined the Neighbourhood First team as a volunteer and later worked full-time at Youth S.P.O.T. after college. He has dedicated a total of 10 years to HKFYG, including both his volunteer and professional roles. Besides handling frontline work, Ah Q is currently responsible for the digital transformation of the Youth S.P.O.T. He sees this transformation as a way to […]

 Growing together with inspiring colleagues: Hazel

Hazel Chan’s journey in HKFYG has been nothing short of transformative. From intern to full-time staff, she has experienced the diverse aspects of youth work, from Youth S.P.O.T. to schools, and from community service to student counselling. Her passion for youth development drives her to make a difference in the lives of teenagers, especially during their crucial secondary school years. With a firm commitment to her dreams and expertise in counselling, Hazel has become a school social worker, actively creating positive impacts on young people.   Hazel described her work as a school social worker as a battlefield where emergencies and […]

義務工作是改變世界的鑰匙?蔡廸龍 Daniel

Little did Daniel Cai, a recent graduate from Hong Kong Baptist University know that his volunteer experience at the Shanghai Expo would bring him face-to-face with China’s remarkable development and the vibrant diversity of the world.   During his one-week stay in Shanghai, Daniel made friends with an international student from Panama, who shared his love for the Chinese language and culture. Their conversation made him realise the positive impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. He also had the chance to chat with merchants and discover exhibits from all corners of the globe, from exquisite carpets in Iran to aromatic […]

見證青年成長的包租公︰劉仲軒 Hins

Donning a helmet and stepping into the construction site with a mix of excitement and nervousness, Hins Lau, a novice in property management, embarked on his journey as the manager of PH2 HKFYG Youth Hostel.   Affectionately known as the 「landlord」 by the young tenants, Hins has taken care of complex accommodation administration issues such as rentals and property maintenance and fostered a tight-knit community where celebrations abound during festivities and birthdays. But it wasn’t always this way. Overcoming the challenges of a six-month journey and navigating the pandemic, Hins, transformed his relationship with the tenants from acquaintances to trusted […]


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