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Crowdfunding Project – Love in Neighbourhood Project – Neighbour-Food Delivery

Fundraising Target

Donate food packs, Support social distancing!
Along with the resurging coronavirus wave, dining out is no longer an option. Some may be fortunate to have parents, spouses or domestic helper to cook for them. However, it is not that easy for elderly who live alone, old folks scavenging cardboard boxes for a living, or people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, to have the resources to prepare a home meal. In addition, with a higher risk of infection, elderly are not advised to go out and purchase provisions of their needs. In view of that, we hope to provide the needy with ready-made food packs to address their urgent needs.

Project Details

“Love in Neighbourhood” Project

Since the spread of COVID-19 to Hong Kong in January, citizens have been battling the coronavirus pandemic for half a year. However, as the confirmed cases hitting new highs recently, the third wave has brought unprecedented grave challenges to the society. Thus, the government tightens epidemic prevention measures, prohibiting restaurants from providing dining-in after 6 pm, in order to reinforce social distancing.

According to our observation, many elderlies, especially those living alone, are unable to cook for themselves due to their physical or living conditions. Instead, they mainly eat out in the restaurants. Though the new measures will effectively reduce social contacts, since these elderlies  cannot cook and are not familiar with takeaway apps, they still have to go out to buy food, exposing them to high risk of infection. According to the press release of the Department of Health, multiple COVID-19 cases indeed are elderlies – thus the risks cannot be ignored.

In view of the situation, the HKFYG NEIGHBOURHOOD First Project aims to provide immediate response to fulfill community needs, by introducing the “Neighbour-Food Delivery” Project. With concerted efforts in fighting the pandemic, hereby we call on people from all walks of life to donate food packs to low-income elderlies and families. These food packs are ready made, so that the elderly only need to reheat them before meal time. In addition, we will mobilize youth volunteers to make a telephone or video calls to assess the needs of service recipients and show that they care.

In hopes of reducing the health risks from getting basic provisions, the HKFYG stands with the community to battle the resurging coronavirus wave.

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