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If you could volunteer with anyone, who would you choose?

If you could volunteer with anyone, who would you choose?


Our HKFYG volunteer Candy said she would choose to volunteer with Laurinda Ho. “Because she has more financial resources, she can support more people in need, and I can contribute my strategic thinking to propose more efficient community volunteering programmes. I would like to work with her to assist families facing financial difficulties,” Candy Tan said, imagining and laughing.


Candy, a passionate Form 5 student, embarked on her volunteering adventure with our organisation last year. From the moment she stepped through our doors, she wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of giving back and actively engaged in a variety of projects. She always brings along her friends, turning volunteering into a fun and rewarding group experience.


One of Candy’s most memorable volunteering experiences was during the Chinese New Year feast- The NEIGHBOURHOOD First Reunion Lunch. It was a vibrant celebration, filled with laughter, delicious Poon Choi, and an overwhelming sense of community. Candy took on multiple tasks that day, from manning game booths to guiding families to their designated spots. She was also assigned to a different section from her friends to serve the elderly and families during the gathering lunch. Initially, she felt a twinge of apprehension, having to interact with unfamiliar parents and children. But the families at her table welcomed her with open arms, engaging her in heartfelt conversations and even sharing their festive treats. The connections she forged with these families, especially the children who aspired to attend her school, created a beautiful bond that lasted beyond that special occasion. It was at that very moment, in the midst of the Chinese New Year feast, that Candy’s commitment to our cause grew stronger.


What sets The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups apart, according to Candy, is the meticulous organisation and attention to detail in every volunteer activity. From maintaining comprehensive records of community service recipients and beneficiaries to thoughtfully planning grand-scale events like the Chinese New Year feast, The HKFYG is dedicated to all its projects, whether it is local charity work or mega events. It’s this level of care and commitment that creates unforgettable experiences for both volunteers and those they serve.


Candy said that volunteering has helped her develop essential social skills that no classroom could ever teach. With each project, she learned to adapt her approach when interacting with different individuals. From asking children about their favourite cartoons to engaging in heartfelt conversations with parents, Candy discovered the beauty of connecting with people from all walks of life. The innocence and genuine happiness she witnessed in the children she worked with only fueled her passion for making a positive impact.


If Candy could volunteer anywhere, she would choose to return to the Precious Blood Children’s Village in Fanling—the place where her volunteering journey began. Memories of engaging children in arts and crafts, playing group games, and having meaningful conversations still fill her heart with joy. The fact that the children remembered her name and expressed their gratitude through heartfelt cards is a testament to the lasting impact she made.


As Candy continues to grow older, Candy plans to remain involved with the HKFYG, with a particular focus on tutoring underprivileged secondary school students.


We are incredibly proud to have remarkable young individuals like Candy as part of the HKFYG’s volunteer team. Candy’s story is a shining example of the power of youth volunteering and the profound impact it can have on both volunteers and the communities they serve.


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