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Google Hong Kong x HKFYG Launch Google Career Certificates in Hong Kong

Google Hong Kong announced the launch of the Google Career Certificates Program, as well as its partnership with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG). Together, the organisations will distribute Google funded scholarships to at least 1,000 learners in need, providing them with a suite of flexible online training programs to enhance their digital skills.

5 Areas of Digital Skills in 6 Certificates

Google Hong Kong’s Smarter Digital City research shows the gap between the supply and demand for digital talent in Hong Kong remains, while there is a growing need for  digital talents across industries and sectors. To power Hong Kong’s digitisation by upskilling and empowering talents from all backgrounds, Google Hong Kong has launched the Google Career Certificates Program, a flexible online learning program that allows learners without prior experience to acquire job-ready digital skills in just 6 months. The program spans 5 major areas of digital skills, offering 6 corresponding professional certificates including the following:


  • Data Analytics Certificate – master data processing and analysis skills and leverage objective data to make wise business decisions
  • Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate – equip yourself with practical digital marketing tools to expand customer sources and develop your own online business 
  • IT Support Certificate – accelerate entry-level IT support essentials to keep networks and systems running smoothly
  • IT Automation Certificate – learn to automate IT using popular industry programming languages ​​like Python, Git, and more
  • Project Management Certificate – comprehensively and systematically master project management skills to improve corporate efficiency
  • UX Design Certificate – learn to use different design tools to ensure the smooth user experience

All program content is based on the in-demand skills that companies are looking for, and aims to address the skills gap for high-demand digital skills. 

Scholarships for 1,000 Underserved Youth

To develop and empower talents from underserved communities through equal opportunity programs, Google Hong Kong will partner with the HKFYG to fund Google Career Certificates scholarships for at least 1,000 learners from underserved communities in Hong Kong. Focused on developing both hard and soft skills, Google Career Certificates scholarships will comprise a year’s worth of access to a suite of online digital skills professional training courses, as well as participation in Google’s #IamRemarkable workshops to improve scholarship learners’ self-promotion skills.

Victor Lam, Government Chief Information Officer said, “With the rapid development of digital economy across the globe and the clear support of the National 14th Five-Year Plan for Hong Kong to develop into an international innovation and technology (I&T) hub, Hong Kong has entered into a golden era of I&T development.  Both the current labor force and our youngsters must stay abreast of the times and embrace continuous learning to cope with the ever-changing environment in the job market. The HKSAR Government has been actively promoting the cultivation of I&T talents at different stages and I would like to thank Google Hong Kong for sparing no effort on this front. I call on all young people to enhance their digital competitiveness, with a view to integrating into the global trend of digitalization.”

Michael Yue, General Manager, Sales & Operations, Google Hong Kong said, “Our research suggests that digital technologies can create up to HK$387 billion worth of economic value, equivalent to two-thirds of the annual economic value-add of the financial services industry projected for Hong Kong by 2030. This tremendous figure implies the need for  digital talents and investments in digital upskilling moving forward. Through the Google Career Certificates program and our partnership with HKFYG, we hope to equip talents from all backgrounds with in-demand digital skills valued across industries, so as to enable them to unlock more career opportunities.”

Gary Tang, Coordinator of the HKFYG pointed out that the pandemic has accelerated the pace of technological developments and their applications. “The Federation has always been committed to nurturing young people to develop a variety of necessary future skills, and we know that being knowledgeable in Digital Skills and adept at Innovation and Problem Solving is critical for the future. I am elated for our partnership with Google Hong Kong to provide 1,000 young people in need the opportunity to self-study online courses and enhance their employability.”

The Google Career Certificates Program has received strong support from local academia partners and organisations, and is now open for applications. Please visit the website for more information.


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