Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl (GYSTB) 2022 Finals – 香港青年協會 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl (GYSTB) 2022 Finals

香港宣道會陳朱素華紀念中學的隊伍的作品「EMG Rehab System - A Package for Stroke Self Rehabilitation」於物理及工程組別獲得銀獎,他們為中風患者設計了一套過渡性的治療方案。 Hong Kong team from Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College won the Grand Award - Sliver Award with their project “EMG Rehab System - A Package for Stroke Self Rehabilitation”, they invented a transitional package based on orthodox rehabilitation treatment for stroke patients.

Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl (GYSTB) 2022 Finals

concluded successfully with

Two Hong Kong Secondary School Teams winning Grand Prizes


The Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl (GYSTB) 2022, organised by the Creative Education Unit of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), was successfully held on Facebook live last weekend. There were 80 shortlisted overseas and local high school teams, who showcased their amazing scientific findings and innovative ideas to solve everyday problems under the theme of Sustainable Development. Nine Hong Kong teams made it to the Finals, of which Two Hong Kong Teams took home the Grand Prizes – Silver and Bronze Award in their respective categories.


Team from South Africa, seized the Grand Prize – Gold Award in the Physical and Engineering Category with “Automated Inflation and Pressure Regulation for Recreational and Professional Cyclists”. This is an invention that helps cyclists quickly inflate their tires without climbing off their bicycles. Another Gold Award winner from South Korea, won with his “PESH: Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Using Sloshing-induced Impact Force”, a novel sloshing energy harvester which generates energy when its piezoelectric patch is hit by a violent water flow. Hong Kong team from Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College won the Grand Award – Sliver Award with their project “EMG Rehab System – A Package for Stroke Self Rehabilitation”, they invented a transitional package based on orthodox rehabilitation treatment for stroke patients.


In the Biology and Chemistry Category, two Singaporean teams won the Grand Prize – Gold Award. Team with project “Minimally Invasive Annuloplasty Using Shape-Memory Materials” constructed novel shape memory rings using Nitinol alloy and MMA-PEGDMA polymer to reduce trauma of annuloplasty surgeries of valvular heart disease. While the joint winner won with their project “Effect of different NPK ratios on the mass and chlorophyll content of the kangkong plant”. The student found the ideal Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium ratio to maximise crop yield to ensure adequate food supply and achieve economic benefits. Also, Hong Kong team from Queen Elizabeth School Old Students’ Association Secondary School got the Grand Prize – Bronze Award with their project “The Use of Brine Shrimp to Test for water pollutants” investigating the impact of different pollutants on the growth of brine shrimp.

[Details of results are listed in the appendix]


The GYSTB 2022 attracted 125 school teams from 27 countries and regions, including the United States, Ireland, Sweden, South Korea and Singapore etc. Each team was comprised of not more than five students from Forms 1 to 6 (or equivalent).


The team developed their projects in relation to the theme of Sustainable Development, using theories from physics, engineering, biology or chemistry to investigate science topics or create innovative and practical inventions. They then presented their inventions or investigation projects to professional judging panels formed by academic and industry representatives. During the Judging, teams successfully demonstrated their understanding of scientific knowledge, resilience as well as presentation skills.


Kenneth LEE Kin-lok, Supervisor (Innovation and Creativity) of the HKFYG expressed his amazement at the level of innovation that each team showed. “It was full of surprises! I really found it encouraging that the students utilized their creativity and scientific minds to show their blueprint for sustainable development, and came up with innovative solutions to everyday problems. I very much hope that the students enjoyed every opportunity to exchange and learn, and will use this as a foundation on which to improve their problem-solving, resilience, communication and collaborative skills,” said Mr Lee. He also encouraged the students to persevere on their scientific research journey. 


An online voting campaign of the “Visitors’ Favorite Award” which has already begun will run until 26 June. The public are invited to vote for their favourite projects. Please visit for more information about the voting details, the winners, and their projects.


The GYSTB is organized by the Creative Education Unit of the HKFYG. The Competition is a showcase of global youth scientific achievement and innovation. The event aims to promote science and technology, provide a platform for global youth to develop their creativity and scientific mindsets, and facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas, interests and abilities among young scientists all over the world.


Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl 2022 Results:

Physics and Engineering Category

Award Project Title Country / Region
Grand Prize –  Gold Award Automated Inflation and Pressure Regulation for Recreational and Professional Cyclists South Africa
Grand Prize –  Gold Award PESH: Piezoelectric energy harvester using sloshing-induced impact force South Korea
Grand Prize -Silver Award Building an Automatic Weather Satellite Ground Station with Data Analytics Forecast Ireland
Grand Prize – Silver Award EMG Rehab System – A Package for Stroke Self Rehabilitation Hong Kong
Grand Prize -Bronze Award Rotational Placement and Mathematical Patterns: an Experimental Study Sweden
Grand Prize -Bronze Award Investigating the Bioelectric Effect for Treatment and Subsequent Inhibition of Nosocomial Biofilms Singapore
First Prize High Efficiency Photovoltaic Panel for Cold Climate Regions “ANTI-SNOW” Turkiye
First Prize Intelligent Driver Drowsiness Detection System Hong Kong
First Prize Marine Guard Hong Kong
First Prize High Capacity, High Stability and Low Corrosive Al-treated Ionic Liquid Electrolyte with Al-deposited Carbon Anode used in Aluminum-ion Battery Macau
Second Prize Prototype and testing of pure hydrogen generator Sweden
Second Prize Producing Fresh water from air using Thermo Electric cooling Qatar
Second Prize Food Waste Up-cycler Hong Kong
Second Prize NLP Powered Wheelchair with Road Condition Intelligence for Disabled Locomotor South Korea
Second Prize The New Biodegradable Filter for Face Mask Hong Kong
Second Prize Developing a Low-Cost Portable Electronic Nose for the Detection of Colorectal Cancer By Using Convolutional Neural Networks Macau
Third Prize New Identity for Regular Tetrahedron Georgia
Third Prize A study on the vibration damping structure using the inner skeletal structure of the Anthocidaris crassispina South Korea
Third Prize Magnetic Nanoparticles Decorated Titanium Dioxide Nanocylinders for Cancer Therapeutic Delivery Thailand
Third Prize Optimizing the Landing of a Spacecraft Using Q-learning South Korea
Third Prize Hurricane in the cup- vortices’ trochoidal motion and the effects of instability during diffusion in liquids Poland
Third Prize Cryptocurrency as means for hedge fund South Korea
Third Prize EMR Blockchain Network Using Asymmetric Key: How to Safely Manage a Patient’s EMR South Korea
Third Prize Intelligent Evacuation System Using AI Qatar
Honourable Mention Chronograph based on the Arduino hardware computing platform Ukraine
Honourable Mention IV Fluid Controlling and Monitoring System India
Honourable Mention Automated System for Cleaning Solar Panels using Atmospheric Moisture Qatar
Honourable Mention A Novel of Ankle Support from Blended Yarn Between Hemp Fiber Bamboo Sheath Fiber and Cotton to Prevent Ankle Injuries Thailand
Honourable Mention The model for determining the influence of force fields on the drag of aircraft Ukraine
Honourable Mention The Motion of Bodies in Curved Plane and Space Affected by Gravity Georgia
Honourable Mention Creation of a demonstration installation of Chladni figures on the basis of affordable modern technologies at home Ukraine
Honourable Mention Melanoma Skin Cancer Classification via Region-Aware Hierarchical Feature Aggregation United States
Honourable Mention Remote Irrigation System United Arab Emirates
Honourable Mention AI Eye Hong Kong
Honourable Mention Digital Image Zooming Using Interpolation Georgia
Honourable Mention Secure-Online Voting System Using Homomorphic Encryption South Korea
Sustainable Development Award Prototype and testing of pure hydrogen generator Sweden
Sustainable Development Award Food Waste Up-cycler Hong Kong


Biology and Chemistry Category

Award Project Title Country / Region
Grand Prize – Gold Award Minimally Invasive Annuloplasty Using Shape-Memory Materials Singapore
Grand Prize – Gold Award Effect of different NPK ratios on the mass and chlorophyll content of the kangkong plant. Singapore
Grand Prize -Silver Award Calcium Phosphate/Collagen Ratio in Bone Grafts Influences Bone Repair in a Rabbit Tibial Defect Model Singapore
Grand Prize -Silver Award The Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 Targets the Human PRL Oncogene Singapore
Grand Prize -Bronze Award The use of brine shrimp to test for water pollutants Hong Kong
First Prize The efficiency of TLS-01 lunar regolith simulant on sunflower seed germination for future astroculture Thailand
First Prize Deep learning Line Bot to screen COVID-19 from sound wave analysis Thailand
First Prize Nature takes on nature: investigating the effects of juglone on japanese knotweed Ireland
Second Prize Forma-Rid Chitosan Gel Hong Kong
Second Prize Prevent fresh food spoilage by use of phytochemical plant extracts South Africa
Second Prize ACE fertilizer Hong Kong
Second Prize Detection of Diabetes and Blood Glucose Level From Gas Analysis of Human Breath Qatar
Third Prize Improvement of Fe₃O₄ Ferrofluids-Based Antimicrobial Activity through Particle Size Control Assisted by Biocompatible Surfactants Indonesia
Third Prize Amplifying the Atmospheric Water Harvesting Capabilities of Calcium Chloride Via a Cellulose Sponge Medium Indonesia
Third Prize Edible Film With Fish Freshness Sensor Technology Based on Parijoto Fruit Anthocyanin Indicator (EDI BERSERI) Indonesia
Third Prize The study of efficiencies of ‘Pistia Stratiotes’ for absorbing heavy metals and treatment of soft acidity wastewater. Thailand
Third Prize Development of cotinine test kit for detection of secondhand smoke exposer Thailand
Third Prize Bone and plant fibre composite bioplastic Macau
Honourable Mention Evaluating the Inhibitory Effects of 5 Types of Beans on Trypsin/Chymotrypsin Sweden
Honourable Mention Study of Shiga-Toxin-Producing E.Coli Specific Gene Expression Georgia
Honourable Mention Innovation of Biocellulose Sheet Mask Based on SCOBY with Antioxidant Serum from Rice Bran Oil to Reduce Microplastic Waste Indonesia
Honourable Mention In silico research of the potential role of a number of compound class N-acylethanolamines as inhibitors of E-protein of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Ukraine
Honourable Mention Antimicrobial Effects of Rice Extract on Acne Causing Bacteria Cutibacterium Acnes Thailand
Honourable Mention Study the quantitative of microplastics accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract of aquatic animals and the efficacy of gut microbiota on microplastics elimination Thailand
Honourable Mention Biomass Waste Utilization for Synthesis of Zeolite A As A Low Cost and Potential Absorbent for Removing Dye and Heavy Metal Applications Thailand
Honourable Mention Fabrication and study of optical properties of TbPO4 for cancer cell recognition Vietnam
Sustainable Development Award Forma-Rid Chitosan Gel Hong Kong
Sustainable Development Award ACE fertilizer Hong Kong



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