Tai O Cultural Festival 2021 – 香港青年協會 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Tai O Cultural Festival 2021

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups sets to unveil

Tai O Cultural Festival 2021 in Christmas

with various cultural activities open to the public

A Christmas Staycation in Hong Kong this year offers you the unprecedented opportunity to dive deeper into local culture. Supported by “The Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events” of The Hong Kong Tourism Board, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), in co-partnering with the Tai O Cultural Association, will officially launch “Tai O Let’s Go!” Tai O Cultural Festival 2021.

The main highlight will be “River Parade Go!” on December 26, where more than 200 locals, members from Tai O Rural Committee and other organisations will together demonstrate what makes Tai O special. Led by ten Dragon Boats, the procession will include Lunar New Year lion heads, Mid-Autumn festival lanterns, Chinese opera ornaments and resounding gongs, all along the waterway.

Other spotlight programmes to be held during December 24 to 27 are: 

Tai O Stores Go!”, where 70 design students, guided by an advisory body of ten designers from the Hong Kong Interior Design Association, reimagine, redesign and refurbish ten old stores in a melody of traditional and creative components, allowing visitors to understand the unique story behind each store.

Tai O Traditional Festivals Go!”, where indigenous local artists present the cultural heritage of Tai O through an exhibition of an aesthetic installation made up of exotic antiques and fishing-related objects. Also to be held is a public photography event, “Tai O in Love”, where four couples will be invited for a wedding photoshoot against the picturesque water landscape, as they tell their romantic tales with a traditional marriage rites ceremony.

Tai O Sampan Go!” brings visitors back to the nostalgic village when the Tai O canals were crammed with sampans and fishermen sculling in choppy waters. (Title sponsored by C.C. Wu Cultural & Education Foundation Fund)

Tai O Stilt Houses (Pang Uk) Go!” using the iconic stilt houses, a play will be staged, with a gigantic art installation designed by Dr. Yeung Wai Keung Jerf, the Consultant of the programme. Visitors will get to see the internal structures of the stilt houses and feel the lives of fishing families through this stunningly inventive experience.

Programmes may be subject to change as a result of the latest development of Covid-19 Pandemic. Please follow our website, csu.hkfyg.org.hk/taio for updated news. Visitors must comply with government preventive measures on the spot.


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