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Preparing skills for the future!

Preparing skills for the future!

The HKFYG launches a book and a series of summer programmes


With the release of the “Future Skills Study Report” last year, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) advocated six essential soft and hard skills for young people. These included, Digital Skills; Innovation and Problem Solving; Life Planning; Communication and Cooperation; Wellness Management; and Resilience and Crisis Management. This year, the HKFYG launches a new book along with a series of summer programmes aimed to enhance practical skills and value education. 


The forthcoming book, Six Future Skills You Should Learn Now, provides teachers, youth workers, and parents with in depth explanations and insights, as well as teaching resources and cases studies on the skills needed for the future.  Given the development of artificial intelligence and advanced technology, education has tended to focus on practical and professional skills, but has neglected the development of important soft skills such as attitude, values and resilience. Addressing this imbalance, this book provides a valuable educational reference and comes highly recommended by Principal Lee Chack Fan, one of the Theme Writers of the Hong Kong Book Fair 2021.


Supported by the HSBC, and organised by The HKFYG, the HSBC Future Skills Development Project adopts a three-pillar model of “Financial Capability”, “Future Skills for Employment” and “Innovation and Technology”. These pillars provide diversified learning experiences, opportunities for practical application and professional training for youth to get ready with the skills needed for the future.  


Apart from the above new book, The HKFYG summer programmes offer a range of interesting events to attract students.  These include the Creative Education Unit’s Pitching InnoTech Solutions, which welcomes tertiary students to apply their knowledge of technology and creative thinking to come up with innotech ideas which would result in impactful solutions. Teams of one to eight students will be required to submit a short pitch and ten outstanding teams will be shortlisted for a final round, with the winning team in line to win HK$80,000 to put their pitch into practice.


Another programme will be conducted by The HKFYG Leadership Institute in partnership with Debate Mate from the UK. The Chamber Debate Club will focus on learning the nuances of parliamentary debates which are actually a common format for debate competitions around the world. This four-week intensive professional training and competition is open to senior secondary school students and will also enhance their knowledge on world events, collaboration and creative problem-solving skills. Outstanding debaters will have the opportunity to go head-to-head with peers around the world.


The $avvy Planner Workshops, launched by the Federation’s Youth Employment Network, is the first board game in Hong Kong that focuses on career planning and financial management. Senior primary and secondary school students can enrol for the summer workshops to improve their financial quotient (FQ) as well as career planning through learning skills such as, setting life and financial goals; budgeting; risk management; saving methods; and controlling expenses.


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