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Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl (GYSTB) 2021 Finals

“Sustainable Plastic via Clam Shells” by Hong Kong’s Victoria Shanghai Academy took one of two Gold Prizes in the Biology and Chemistry category. The team methods to turn clamshells into a chitosan polymer, a biodegradable plastic which could solve environmental pollution.

The Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl (GYSTB 2021), organised by the Creative Education Unit of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), held its Finals and Award Ceremony on Facebook live this past weekend. There were 106 shortlisted local and overseas teams of high school students, who showcased their amazingly innovative ideas and scientific findings to solve everyday problems. Six Hong Kong teams made it to the Finals, of which two took home gold prizes in their respective categories.


Hong Kong’s Victoria Shanghai Academy were joint winners of the Gold Prize in the Biology and Chemistry category with their  “Sustainable Plastic via Clam Shells” . What the team discovered, were methods by which to turn clamshells into a chitosan polymer, which is a biodegradable plastic that can go a long way to solve environmental pollution. The other co-winner was a team from Singapore Hwa Chong Institution with their project “Fabrication of Eco-friendly Cellulose – Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid Aerogel from Various Fruit Wastes for Water Purification”. The students made environmentally friendly fibers, using orange peels, to purify water to deal with seawater pollution.


Another Hong Kong team, from Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College, won Gold Prize in the Physical and Engineering category with “C.A.R.D. – Augmented Reality Game for Identifying Early-age School Kids with Dyslexia”. This is a game application to identify early-stage dyslexia. Another Gold Prize winner, Samyak Shrimali, from the United States, won his “Sanjeevani: A Novel Automated System for Hospital Acquired Infection Monitoring and Prevention”, which ensures that hand hygiene of hospital staff meets the WHO requirements and thus reduces the risk of disease transmission in hospitals.


The GYSTB 2021 attracted 145 teams from 26 countries and regions, including the United States, Russia, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, South Korea and Singapore. Each team was comprised of not more than five students who are in Forms 1 to 6 (or equivalent). The teams could either investigate a science topic related to daily life, or create innovative and practical inventions which could solve common problems. The 106 shortlisted teams presented their inventions or investigation projects to professional panels formed by academic representatives during the Competition.


Mr Kenneth LEE Kin-lok, The HKFYG Supervisor (Innovation and Creativity) said he was very impressed by students’ ability this year. “It is really quite amazing how creative and innovative these students are. They were so sharp in identifying problems and then in finding solutions. I think what impressed me most of all was their dedication and focus, in spite of all their trials and errors. They never gave up!” He encouraged the students to continue to work hard on their scientific research journey, learn and exchange through the competitions, sharpening their skills of collaboration and problem-solving. “These students really are the future; and what better responsibility do we have than to encourage their abilities now,” said Mr Lee.


The GYSTB 2021 is organised by the Creative Education Unit of the HKFYG. The Competition is a showcase of global youth scientific achievement and innovation. The event aims to promote science and technology; offers a platform for youth to develop their creativity and scientific mindsets; while also to facilitating the exchange of ideas, interests and abilities among young scientists from around the world.


An online voting campaign of “Visitors’ Favorite Award” will start from now until 4 July 2021. The public are invited to join and vote for their favourite project base on their performance. Please visit for more information about the voting details, the winners and their projects.


Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl 2021 Results

Biology and Chemistry Category

Award Country/Region Project Title
Grand Prize -Gold Award Hong Kong Sustainable Plastic via Clam Shells
Grand Prize -Gold Award Singapore Fabrication of Eco-friendly Cellulose – Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid Aerogel from Various Fruit Wastes for Water Purification
Grand Prize -Silver Award Philippines PaperJuan: The Utilization of Bio-Wax Extracts on Non-Wood Material for Water-resistant Paper Production
Grand Prize -Silver Award Singapore Isolation and Characterisation of Human Proteins that Interact with the ORF10 Protein of SARS-COV-2
Grand Prize -Bronze Award Hong Kong Plant Lipase Inhibitor
Grand Prize -Bronze Award Ireland An Analysis of Physiological and Running Metrics in 3km Cross Country in Comparison to Track and Treadmill
First Prize Macau A New Concept of Packaging-Solving the Problem of Excessive Plastic
First Prize Hong Kong Synthesis of Nanoparticles for Nitrite and Nitrate Decomposition in Wastewater
First Prize Hong Kong Converted Used Paper Into Blossoms
First Prize Singapore Artificial Intelligence Models for Predicting Statin-Induced Myalgia using Clinical and Genetic Factors
Second Prize India SMART: Stroke Monitoring and Rehabilitation using Technology
Second Prize Thailand Sustainable Innovation for Coffee Borer Beetle Control: A Cost Reduction, Safety and High Efficiency Approach for Hypothenemus hampei Protection by Using Spraying Control System for Volatile Oil Extract from Young Citrus Fruit Waste
Second Prize South Korea Investigating Differential Gene Expression Between COVID-19 Patients with Mild Versus Severe Symptoms
Second Prize Ireland Toxicological Investigation of Pesticides, Using Paramecium as a Model Organism
Second Prize Turkey Cover with Quince Seeds, Store Food Safely
Second Prize India A Novel study of the Bio-Pesticidal Properties of Annona reticulata
Third Prize Thailand Foot Deodorant Stickers Made from Silver Nanoparticles
Third Prize Ukraine Dependence of Intestinal Microbiota of White Rats on the Effects of Glyphosate, Saccharin and Sodium Benzoate
Third Prize South Korea K-Cellulose Mask
Third Prize Mexico Reuse Nutshell to Prevent the Production of Saltpeter in Building Structures
Third Prize Italy Is a sweeter carnation… also more colourful?
Third Prize Russia Panovit – Fodder Protein of Microbial Synthesis
Third Prize Sweden Adiponectin and BAT – Structure and Morphology of Brown Adipose Tissue in Adiponectin Transgenic Mice
Third Prize Sweden The Mystery of Bockstensmannen – A Study in Decomposition of Organic Material
Honourable Mention Ukraine Chemical Dispenser
Honourable Mention Brazil The Periodic Table: A Scientific, Inclusive and Technological Development Instrument
Honourable Mention North Macedonia „Natural Homemade Topical Pain Relief Ointment “Anti-dolore Cream
Honourable Mention Ukraine Study of Efficiency of Corrosion Inhibitors Properties Created on the Basis of Plant Raw Materials in Different Environments
Honourable Mention South Korea Characteristics of Lichen Symbiotic Microorganisms and their Industrial Application
Honourable Mention South Korea Effect of Phospholipase A2 from Honey Bee Venom on 5-Fluorouracil Drug Sensitivity on Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines
Honourable Mention Indonesia Catfish Cultivation Using PaSiPung Pellets (Papaya Leaves, Rice, and Fish Meal)
Honourable Mention Mexico Use of the Opuntia ficus-indica as a Coagulant for Wastewater Treatment
Honourable Mention Sweden The Antimicrobial Effect of Beehive Products
Honourable Mention Turkey Recovering Wounds with Pennyroyal
Honourable Mention Indonesia Harvesting Ai Aning: Conservation of Sumbawa Honey by Analysis of Honeycomb and Migration of Apis dorsata
Honourable Mention Indonesia Innovation of Green Biodiesel by Transesterfication Reaction of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Larva Fat with CaO Catalyst from Pila Ampullacea Shells
Honourable Mention Thailand Investigation of the Chitokram Umbrella for Mold and UV Protections


Physics an Engineering Category

Award Country/Region Project Title
Grand Prize -Gold Award United States Sanjeevani: A Novel Automated System for Hospital Acquired Infection Monitoring and Prevention
Grand Prize -Gold Award Hong Kong C.A.R.D. – Augmented Reality Game for Identifying Early-age School Kids with Dyslexia
Grand Prize -Silver Award Qatar Eye-tracking Powered Wheelchair
Grand Prize -Silver Award Sweden Using Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms for Natural Language Processing to Analyze the Emotions of Gender in Literature and Songs
Grand Prize -Bronze Award India Robovid20: A Novel Robotic Arm for Social Distancing, Using Tele-operation, Pneumatic Actuators and Haptic Technology to Give a Sense of Touch to the User.
Grand Prize -Bronze Award Singapore Stool Recognition for Colorectal Cancer Detection through Deep Learning
First Prize Hong Kong Super Skin
First Prize Romania Life Saver
First Prize South Africa Development of a Position and Orientation Sensor for Robotics
First Prize Thailand Car Accident Monitoring and Prevention System Using Driver’s Drowsiness Detection
First Prize Philippines Juan Wheel: Automated -Hybrid Powered Wheelchair Made of Bamboo
First Prize South Korea Smart Knee Brace Diagnostic Device Built on Arduino-Enhanced Joint Evaluation Algorithm
Second Prize Macau Prediction Dyslexia with Machine Learning and Using Mobile Based Eye Tracker
Second Prize India IndivHear: An Inexpensive Smartphone-based Individualized Adaptive Hearing Aid Using Deep Learning
Second Prize Ireland Using Machine Learning to Improve Numerical Weather Prediction
Second Prize Turkey Contactless and Non-destructive Detection of Chicken Meat Contamination with Laser Speckle Method
Second Prize Ukraine Investigation of Self-oscillations in Hydrodynamic Systems
Second Prize South Africa Solar Heater – Sole
Second Prize Czech Republic Blob birth zone Position in the Edge Plasma of Tokamak GOLEM
Second Prize India Earthquake Magnitude and b-value Prediction Model using Extreme Learning Machine
Third Prize Qatar A Novel Design for Wind Turbine to Harvest Air from Four Directions in Urban Spa
Third Prize Qatar Automated Fluid Handling Machine
Third Prize Turkey The Effect of Nitinol and Metal Flexibility on Vehicle Reliability
Third Prize United Arab Emirates – Dubai Deaf Sound Tracker – DST
Third Prize Thailand Biodegradable Cushioning Foam from Natural Composite Rubber and Extracted Cellulose Coated on 3D Mold for Laboratory Glassware
Third Prize South Korea Securing QR Codes: Implementation of Data Integrity System of QR Codes by Applying Hash
Third Prize South Korea Curve Optimization Using Curvature Based Models with Calculus of Variations
Third Prize Singapore Gait Monitoring and Analysis of Parkinson’s Disease Patients
Third Prize Thailand Real-time Monitoring of Iron Oxide-Based Magnetic Nanoparticles for Escherichia coli Detection in Vitro using a High Sensitivity Magnetic Impedance Sensor
Third Prize Vietnam Iron Oxide Nanoparticle for Local Heating in Cancer Treatment
Honourable Mention Ukraine Autonomic Heating Gloves
Honourable Mention Ireland Specs – A Wearable Smart Device for Dementia Patients
Honourable Mention Qatar Design and Development of Silicon based Air Actuated Soft Robot Hand for Prosthetic Application
Honourable Mention Qatar Carbon and Dust Capture for Qatar Construction Sites
Honourable Mention Qatar Utilization of Humidity for Cleaning Solar Panels in Qatar
Honourable Mention Macau Using Smart Buoys to Build the Global Four-in-one Internet of Things
Honourable Mention Russia System for Controlling Thermometry and Hand Treatment with the Dispenser Anticovid-19
Honourable Mention Indonesia An Innovation of Patient Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation Analysis and Monitoring Technology Based On Internet of Things Technology In Pressing The Transmission of Covid-19
Honourable Mention Indonesia Transporter with Internet of Things (IoT) Based Camera
Honourable Mention Indonesia SOMATA (Pattern detection on guiding blocks for the visually impaired)
Honourable Mention South Africa A Hand Prosthesis Controlled by Electromyography
Honourable Mention South Africa Detection and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia Using Machine Learning
Honourable Mention Vietnam Predicting COVID-19 Trends in Vietnam Using Mathematical Models
Honourable Mention Vietnam Fabrication and Characterization of Fe2O3 Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Application
Honourable Mention Ireland Image Analysis of Rehabilitating Patients’ Exercise to Measure and Improve Recovery
Honourable Mention South Africa Angle of Attack of an Aircraft Wing
Honourable Mention Macau The Application of Phyphox in Vehicle Stability Research of the Public Transportation in Macao
Honourable Mention Vietnam Synthesis ZnO nanoparticles for Solar Cells Application


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