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Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl

來自香港協恩中學的隊伍憑「Study On The Anti-reflux Ability Of Chinese Yam Using Novel Gastro-oesophageal Model」奪得生物及化學組別的金獎

The Finals of the Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl 2020 (GYSTB 2020), initiated by the Creative Education Unit of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), was held online on August 1. With 92 shortlisted secondary school teams from Hong Kong and around the world, this was an exciting event, with presentations of innovative science and technology solutions to tackle every day challenges. Seven Hong Kong teams made it to the Finals, of whom two took home the Prize in their respective categories.


A “Study on the Anti-reflux ability of Chinese Yam using Novel Gastro-oesophageal Model” by Hong Kong’s  Heep Yunn School took the Gold Prize in the Biology and Chemistry category. The team discovered that Chinese yam could replace existing medicine for anti-acid-reflux using an innovative oesophageal experimental model.


In the Physical and Engineering category, Ruth Madden from Ireland won the Gold Prize for her “Microplastic Filter – A Small Solution to a Global Problem”. Ruth and her team designed and built a standalone filtration unit to intercept microplastic particles emanating from a domestic washing machine prior to their entry into the public wastewater system and the wider environment.


As Kenneth Lee Kin-lok, Supervisor (Innovation and Creativity) of The HKFYG said, “I am so impressed by the amazing inventions as well as creativity of all the students. What pleases me the most is how, in spite of the current situation, everyone has learnt to be flexible and demonstrated how easily learning and knowledge exchanges can take place through online platforms” He continued, “This year’s GYSTB, which had to be undertaken through a different platform has been a success because of the support and openness of teachers and students. Only because of this has have we been able to see the convergence of diverse scientific cultures in this virtual contest, proving that even a pandemic cannot deter students’ enthusiasm and passion!” Lee hoped that students enjoyed the Contest, learning more about the future skills of innovation and problem solving, resilience and adaptability, as well as communication and collaboration. While congratulating the winners, Lee concluded by saying how confident he was in the future, given the remarkable imagination and scientific foresight of all the participants.


The competition attracted a total of 122 teams from 22 countries and regions, with about 70% of the teams having previously won awards in regional or international science competitions. Under the theme of “Social Innovation”, participants were encouraged to apply their knowledge in physics, engineering, biology and chemistry to come up with creative ideas for resolving everyday problems. They presented their projects to a professional judging panel formed by academics and industry representatives, which challenged their scientific knowledge, collaboration and presentation skills.


The GYSTB 2020 is organised by the Creative Education Unit of the HKFYG and supported by the Innovation and Technology Commission.  The competition is a showcase of global youth scientific achievement and innovation, which aims to promote science and technology, provide a platform for global youth to develop their creativity and scientific mindsets, and facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas, interests and abilities among young scientists all over the world.


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Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl 2020 Results


Biology and Chemistry category

Award Country/Region Project Title
Gold Award Hong Kong Study On the Anti-reflux ability of Chinese Yam using Novel Gastro-oesophageal Model
Silver Award Philippines Detection by Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization, and Drug Resistance Profile of Putative Enteropathogenic Salmonella spp. Isolated from Pampanga River, Philippines
Bronze Award Singapore Synthesis of Magnetic Carbonised Banana Peel as a Versatile and Reusable Adsorbent for Water Purification
First Prize Ireland An R&D Study on using a Nutrient Treatment Biofilter to Combat Oceanic and Freshwater Deadzones which Harnesses the Intrinsic Potential of Halophyte Species
First Prize Turkey New Approach to Food Packaging: Antimicrobial and Edible Materials
First Prize South Africa Puffer Jacket: An Alternative for Anxiety Relief
First Prize Indonesia Extraction of Amylase Enzyme from Fruit Waste used as a Catalyst to Enhance Carbohydrate-waste Based Bioethanol Production
Second Prize Korea Development of Artificial Epidermis using Collagen Film and Keratinocyte Cell line for Personalized Allergy Tester
Second Prize Philippines Characterization of (Solanum tuberosum) Potato – Red Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. rubra) Composite Film for Intelligent Packaging Applications
Second Prize Hong Kong Feasibility of Using Microbes to Grow “Textile Material”
Second Prize Turkey Development of Nanoparticle based Colorimetric Method for Lead Detection
Second Prize Hong Kong Super Glue for Tree Defect
Second Prize Turkey Production of Orodispersible Nanofiber Pharmaceuticals for Pediatric and Newborn Patients With Electrospinning Method
Third Prize Turkey A New Design for Increasing Effectiveness and Economy of Drugs by using original Smart Structures
Third Prize Turkey The Preparation of Medical Textile Products with Properties that Tree Barks have by using Micro-encapsulation Method
Third Prize Indonesia Healthy and Biodegradable Sanitary Pad using Super Absorbent Polymer from Orange Peel, Patchouli Twig, and Coconut Husk for Sustainable Green Innovation
Third Prize South Africa Polymer Bioplastic
Third Prize Singapore Biodegradation of Bisphenol A (BPA) using Chlorella Fusca
Third Prize Turkmenistan Ecologically Safe and Feasible Particle Boards
Third Prize Turkey An Investigation on the Effects of Propolis and Curcuma Longa on Cancer, observing their Impacts on Vascular Formation and Chicken Embryos Growth
Third Prize Thailand The Study of Life Cycle, Some Behaviors and Ecological Role of Spotted Tortoise Beetle (Aspidomorpha milliaris)
Third Prize Indonesia Innovation of an Alternative Natural Clothing Bleach from Extract of Lemon (Citrus limon) and Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) Peel Wastes
Third Prize Korea A Study on the Bionic Value of Japanese Sea Cucumber (Apostichopus Japonicus) by Biostructure Analysis
Honourable Mention Indonesia Invention of PUFFI-KIT as a Survival Kit to Prevent Sustenance Scarcity and Urgent Health Problems during Hiking or Mountaineering
Honourable Mention Slovakia Development and Production of Orthosis by Additive Technologies
Honourable Mention Indonesia Potential Scrubbing Mangrove Seeds Xylocarpus Moluccensis on Wooden Vessels that lean as a Method of Reducing Population Density Teredo Shipworm
Honourable Mention Philippines Quorum Quenching Activity Assessment on Ganoderma sp. Ethanolic Extract against Escherichia coli ATC25922 through Microtiter Biofilm Formation Assay
Honourable Mention Philippines Alternative Pharmaceutical Liquid Preservative from Tamarindus indica (Tamarind) Pulp Extracts
Honourable Mention Indonesia Effectiveness of the Combination of Water Hyacinth Cellulose Acetate Membrane, Corncob-based Coagulant and Activated Carbon in Decreasing Hardness and Mercury Ion (Hg2+) of Mandor River Water Compared to Alum
Honourable Mention Turkey Three Dimensional (3D) Printed Microfluidic Pump (MFP) for Medical Field
Honourable Mention Hong Kong Revolutionary Discovery of Hair
Honourable Mention Indonesia Utilization of Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Starch and D-Limonene from Extraction of Tangerine Orange (Citrus reticulata) for the Production of Biodegradable Plastic
Honourable Mention Philippines Effects of Gibberellic Acid-3 and 6-Benzylaminopurine in increasing the Sugar Content in Stevia Rebaudiana through an In-vitro Tissue Culture Technique
Honourable Mention Iran The Role of Zinc Ferrite and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles to remove Contaminants from Contaminated Water
Honourable Mention Indonesia Vastric (Vanname Shrimp for Electric) Control and Monitoring Shrimp Waste’s Bioremediation as Bioelectricity based on MFCs
Honourable Mention Turkey Biotechnological Potential of Anatolian Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera Anatoliaca) Venom in Cancer Research



Physics and Engineering category

Award Country/Region Project Title
Gold Award Ireland The Microplastic Filter – A Small Solution to a Global Problem
Silver Award Philippines Hibla: An Alternative Sound Absorption Material
Bronze Award Hong Kong A.I. CAMe
Bronze Award South Africa Voice Control Wheelchair
First Prize Macau Graphene & Sludge Water Purification System
First Prize Ukraine “METLA” – UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) Universal Training Complex
First Prize Turkmenistan Produce Electricity with Wind Pressure made by Piezoelectric Materials
Second Prize Turkmenistan Use of Condensed Molasses Solubles as a Concrete Admixture
Second Prize Qatar Medicine Tracker Device for Improving Medication Adherence
Second Prize Mexico Biol: A Social, Economic and Environmental Alternative for Nuevo Leon
Second Prize South Africa The Ultra-Drying Tunnel
Second Prize Singapore Conversion of Rainwater to Electricity in Singapore’s High-Rise Buildings
Second Prize Macau Inter-turn Short-circuits Fault Detector For Motor Rotor Winding
Third Prize Ireland Reinventing the Wheel: Development of a Novel Magnetic Motion Device for Omnidirectional Movement
Third Prize Thailand Development of Composite Materials from Natural Rubber with Styrene-Butadiene Rubber and Coconut Husk to Apply as Neutron Particles and Gamma Rays Shields.
Third Prize United Arab Emirates Athlete Sodium Tracker – AST
Third Prize South Africa Repair of Fatigue Cracking in Wood
Third Prize Qatar Smart School Bus
Third Prize Turkmenistan The New Earthquake-Resistant Building Model In Tetrahedral Diamond Structure
Third Prize Indonesia Smart Protector: An Innovative Face Shield With Ultrasonic Sensor for Elementary and Junior Student to Minimize COVID-19 Transmission
Third Prize Hong Kong E-care
Third Prize Turkey Obtaining Electricity Using Cooling Water In Vehicles
Third Prize Indonesia The Effects of Anti Corrosion Material Coating on Carbon Steel based on Natural Inhibitors from Bentonite Clay with Matrix Expoxy Resin in Corrosive Mediums
Honourable Mention South Africa LED Car Guard Glove
Honourable Mention Hong Kong Easy Go
Honourable Mention Indonesia Educational COVID-19 Snake and Ladder Digital Game
Honourable Mention Turkey Four Season Optimum Energy Generator Multifunctional Photovoltaic Panel
Honourable Mention Ukraine AI Fresh Station
Honourable Mention Macau Helper Farmer
Honourable Mention Qatar Application of Thermoelectric Generators in Harvesting Solar Energy Using “sandwich” Method to Achieve Higher Overall Efficiency
Honourable Mention Turkey “Together Stronger” Energy Support System
Honourable Mention Turkey ProTech Wallet
Honourable Mention Indonesia Auto Thanks Mini Robot for a Better Environment (ATM)
Honourable Mention Qatar Portable Fridge (a helpful solution to cool foods and drinks in off-grid areas using a friendly portable fridge)
Honourable Mention Ukraine RoTaR
Honourable Mention Vietnam Fresh Water Condenser from Seawater Using Direct Solar Energy
Honourable Mention Turkey Cleaning Oil Pollution in Oceans and Seas with the Smart Eye Method
Honourable Mention Qatar Using Hydrogels for Agriculture and Flood Defense



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