#HearForYou Campaign – 香港青年協會 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Hong Kong has undergone a challenging year, especially with the current pandemic, which has considerably impacted its citizens’ mental health well-being. Social media platforms such as Facebook are often the first point of outreach for people facing mental health challenges, where they would connect with communities comprised of people experiencing similar issues, or seek resources for professional help.

The “#HearForYou Campaign” unveiled by Facebook today will support NPOs that are advocating society to address mental health issues, including Agent of Change, Caritas Youth and Community Service, St. James’ Settlement, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and The Samaritans Hong Kong. Through the campaign, Facebook will provide technical support, free training and technical consultation to the NPOs, in order to empower them to reach and support more people in need. Facebook will also partner with NPOs to provide online resources for people in need through the #HearForYou campaign site.

The #HearForYou campaign site is a one-stop online Resources Hub for people to understand their personal mental health status and help those in need to connect with NPO partners by providing easy access to health and wellness resources, online assessment designed by Department of Psychiatry, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, and immediate support on Messenger Bot offered by Caritas Youth and Community Service, and The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.

As part of the campaign, Facebook partnered with Caritas Youth and Community Service, and The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to develop a Messenger Bot to provide online assessment, and access to instant support. Over 140 people have used the Messenger Bot within the first month of the soft launch, with over 43% of them having had experienced mental health problems; 38% of them were willing to chat with the NPOs for instant support.


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