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The HKFYG Youth Hostel PH2 Invites Applications


The HKFYG Youth Hostel PH2 is Hong Kong’s first all-purpose Youth Hostel. It aims to create an enabling residential community for working young people aged between 18 and 30 nurturing competencies in life skills, social networking and financial planning.


Located at 2 Po Heung Street, Tai Po Market, PH2 will provide a total of 78 units for 80 persons, which include: single units, from about 187 to 232 sq. ft and rent ranging from $4,248 to $5,831; twin or disabled units of about 398 sq. ft, with rent from $8,670 to $8,711 and co-living units which feature three separate rooms and a shared living room around $4,606 a month per person.


According to Alice Lui Wai-lin, Deputy Executive Director of The HKFYG, “PH2 is an exciting initiative that helps working young people at different levels. On the one hand, it addresses the challenging housing needs that they face; and on the other, it provides them with the opportunity to live independently, yet communally with others in the same circumstance.”


The entire concept of a youth hostel was first put forward by the HKFYG and eventually accepted by the Government. Because PH2 is different from the Housing Subsidy Policy or rental units, “we are given the flexibility to offer a new style of residential living. As a result, I must express our gratitude to the Home Affairs Bureau for their support throughout the implementation of the Youth Hostel Scheme,” Ms Lui continued.


Applications for eligible youth begins today (16 December 2019) and will close at 6:00 p.m. on 4 January 2020.


According to Carrie Wong Sau-yee, Supervisor of The HKFYG, “Under the Youth Hostel Scheme, the first tenancy contract will be for two years which can be renewed for an aggregate of no more than five years. Given the eligibility criteria, we are hoping for a positive response to the open applications.”


Eligibility, apart from the age stipulation, also states that the income level of a one-person household applicant should not exceed $21,000 and a two-person household applicant should not exceed twice this level. The total net asset limit for a one-person household and a two-person household should not exceed $364,000 and $728,000 respectively. Furthermore, no applicant, either, solely or jointly, should own any residential property in Hong Kong.


A briefing session will be held on 21 December (Saturday), and eligible working youth may apply to participate. The PH2 applications are to be completed online by 4 January 2020 at 6:00 p.m. 300 applications for single units and ten applications for twin units will be drawn by lot by an independent accounting firm and the result will be announced on the website on 7 January. Selected applicants must submit relevant documents and declarations via the online system for verification and attend an assessment interview. Successful applicants can move-in in March 2020 the earliest.


PH2 was formerly a HKFYG Youth S.P.O.T., which was rebuilt and reprovisioned into a 20 storey building. It now comprises the Youth S.P.O.T. on the ground and first floors, communal facilities for PH2 on the second and third floors, and accommodation units from floors 4 to 19.


The Youth Hostel Scheme was announced in the 2011-12 Policy Address. Under the Scheme, the hosting organizations are required to set the rental at a level which does not exceed 60% of the market rent of flats of similar size in nearby areas. The Youth Hostel will be operated on a self-financing basis.


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