Youth Hong Kong: Neighbours always Matter – 香港青年協會 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Youth Hong Kong: Neighbours always Matter

In August, we chose neighbourhood as the theme for the December issue. In the context of everything that has happened in Hong Kong, it was a timely choice, giving us the opportunity to find out about the daily lives of Hong Kong citizens in various districts and to gain a glimpse of their beliefs, attitudes and concerns. 


These personal stories show the true heart of Hong Kong, as people carry on with their daily lives, rely on and help each other with a durable neighbourhood spirit. What these stories also reflect is a strong, shared sense of community and the deep solidarity through which everyone expresses how much they care about their home, in spite of all the challenges that they face. 


For these reasons, I believe that this issue of Youth Hong Kong is a very special one. Weare a resilient people, determined and committed to our homes and neighbours. While we all fully understand that Hong Kong still has a long way to go to resolve the issues that resulted in a very difficult six months, we very much believe that we can restore trust and find a way forward for the common good.


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