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Summer Fun and Learning

Start date: 10/05/2021

End date: 31/05/2021

In spite of the pandemic slowing our world down, none of us, especially young people, can afford to avoid preparing for the future. In fact, new skills and knowledge will be needed as they, more than any previous generation, face new challenges and new contexts every day. But when will they have time to prepare? How about the Summer holidays?


The Federation has always been committed to helping young people get ready to face the world. Along with our regular activities and courses, we are also offering a wider range of things to do in the Summer Youth Programme, which we hope will help young people acquire new skills for the future.

This year we are highlighting the following six essential future skills: Wellness Management, Digital Skills, Life Planning, Innovation and Problem Solving, Resilience and Crisis Management, and Communication and Cooperation. There are more than 6,000 online and offline activities, through sports, arts, music, coding, leadership training, media production, and more. Young people and their families are more than welcome to join.

Have a look at what’s available and enjoy a productive summer of fun and learning with us! 

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