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“Pause for a Moment… Listen to Your Children’s Voice” Parents’ Talks 2019

Start date: 11/03/2019

End date: 13/04/2019

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the Vocational Training Council (VTC) will hold a Parents’ Talk series in the coming weeks titled “Pause for a Moment… Listen to Your Children’s Voice”, which will provide parents with tips on parent-child communication and planning progression pathways, as well as the latest trends in the job market. The talks will help parents improve their relationships with their children so that they can face together whatever the future holds.

The first talk, “Speak for Good Relationships”, will be held on 23 March (Saturday). Elizabeth WONG, Speech Training Consultant, will share insights on how to build effective communication with young people, and raise parents’ discussion skills to foster a better relationship between generations. Lily HONG, a popular artist, will also be invited to share tips on communicating with children.


The guest speaker of the second talk, “Overview of DSE”, on 30 March (Saturday), will be Joseph TSANG, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters. He will examine the latest information and data on academic progression to help parents grasp the programme options available to their children and the latest entrance requirements of tertiary institutes.


The third talk, “The Future Workplace”, will be held on 13 April (Saturday). The speaker, LinkedIn Talent Solutions Consultant Jeff WONG will analyse the latest trends in the job market to apprise parents of the rapidly-changing developments of the information age. This will help them equip their children as early as possible with the requisite knowledge and skills for the 21st Century workplace.


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