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Apply now: Chamber Debate Club

Start date: 19/10/2021

End date: 27/10/2021

香港青年協會領袖學院舉辧,Chamber Debate Club 為滙豐未來技能培訓計劃的課程之一,旨在為學員提供英國議會式辯論的訓練,透過為期五周的線上專業培訓提升學員溝通及演說技巧。
在專業的辯論員和英國著名培訓機構 Debate Mate 的指導下,學員不僅能建立慎思明辨的論證技巧,更會深入就可持續發展、未來技能、數碼化和未來職場等國際事務展開辯論。學員更將有機會於學院的數碼辯論演說廳參與辯論比賽,鞏固學習。新一季課程現已接受報名,立即參加並成為一個具備良好演說能力的明日領袖!

As a part of the HSBC Future Skills Development Project, Chamber Debate Club aims to hone participants』 communication and negotiation skills through British Parliamentary Style Debate in five weeks of online intensive, methodological and professional training.
Being coached by world-class debaters and Debate Mate, a renowned training institute based in the UK, participants will be engaged in debate on the themes of sustainability, future skills, digitalisation and future of work. Participants will develop logical reasoning, structured and critical thinking, and gain international perspectives through discussing and debating global issues. To reinforce the learning, participants may have a chance to attend a debate competition held at the Digital Debate & Speaking Chamber of the Institute. The new cohort is now open for applications. Apply now and learn to be a leader with strong public speaking skills!


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